Working with Marcel was a vital part of my success as a collegiate volleyball player. Marcel provided me with various strategies and resources to improve my confidence as an athlete.  He also helped me to discover what kind of leader I was and what ways I could utilize my strengths to help my team succeed. The help and information he provided me is unparalleled and I could not have imagined my collegiate experience without it!
~Collegiate Volleyball Player

Getting the chance to work with Marcel helped my game immensely. Working with him allowed me to become more confident on the course and to trust the process of my swing. Marcel’s program implements the usage of visualization, breathing exercises and also the repetition of routines to assure confidence in yourself. My scores and confidence improved greatly after working with Marcel.
~Collegiate Golfer

Marcel helped my team by giving us multiple team building exercises that we could use both inside and outside of practice and game time.  If the team was having a problem in any area, Marcel would suggest a plan.  The whole team loved what Marcel was able to do for us and the exercises and techniques he gave to us helped us to finish the season with a record of 24-6.
~High School Volleyball Player

In our sessions with Dr. Yoder our student-athletes came to understand and appreciate the importance of mental strength in competition. They were able to develop successful psychological skills that allowed them to perform in an optimal state. Throughout the sessions, Dr. Yoder kept the student-athletes engaged and created an enjoyable environment with the use of mixed media, verbal and physical exercises. Mastering the mental skills covered with Dr. Yoder helped our teams achieve new school records 2 years in a row.
~Collegiate Head Tennis Coach